Product Development

We have designed a wide range of products over the past 19 years, mostly for Defence and Aerospace, where testing and verification is paramount before deployment in the field.

At present our focus is on products for measurement of stresses and strains in vital infrastructure such as ships, pipes, heavy machinery and bridges.

In the Laboratory

We have produced many systems for use in laboratories.

These laboratories might be meticulously clean, such as those found in biotech research.

Or they might be laboratoriies for testing equipment to be used in the field, so the environment in these is extremely harsh.

In the Factory

The range of products tested in factories on our equipment is vast - from small electronic assemblies to large, bulky truck parts and jet engines.

Our monitoring systems are also used in factories for tracking production data and collection and storage of test results for QA purposes.

In the Office

Wherever it is ...

With the internet and mobile technology, users are spending much more time in the field.

Our monitoring systems acquire data from almost anywhere, store it in a single location - usually the "cloud" - and then distribute it to the user, wherever they are - and present it in a way that is easy for them to interpret.

In Remote Locations

The picture on the right is an example of one of the many systems we have installed in remote locations.

It is a solar powered, remote control system for 5 video cameras on the tower that you can see, located 2km off-shore at Philip Island.

The sytem uses a dedicated radio-ethernet link for streaming 5 video signals back to shore, as well as the system status for diagnostics.

In the Field

We provide GeoTechnical surveys for pipes, tanks, bridges and general geophysical artefacts.

These services help us drive our R&D program into better instrumentation.

They provide indespensilbe experience for our engineers in understanding the real-world application of the technology.

On the High Seas

We have developed two systems for monitoring the condition and sea status of ships.

Hull Stress Monitoring System (HSMS) which has been deployed on Australian Navy Ships.

Ship Motion Data Acquisition System (SMDAS) which has been deployed on New Zealand Protector class ships.

Both systems are valid for DNV accreditation.

Product Development ~ Electronics Design ~ Test & Measurement Systems ~ Field Services

We design and manufacture instruments and systems for hi-tech applications

GeoTechnical / Corrosion
Energy / Environment


Our work also covers:

* Primary Industry

* Mining
Defence & Aerospace