For 19 years we have been designing, manufacturing, integrating and supporting test, measurement, automation and control instruments and systems.

Our work ranges from very short term (a couple of hours) support to commercialise instruments and turn-key automated test systems that can take years to fully develop and commission.

Our systems integrate the latest off-the-shelf equipment with customised hardware and software, ensuring seamless operation and acceptance.

We have recently expanded our services into the GeoTechnical area, with special emphasis on corrosion.

Measurement and Control

It is all about measurement and control of real world signals … which can take many forms:

  • Data
  • Biometric Sensors
  • Optical
  • RF
  • Energy (Electrical / Engine / Dynamometers)
  • Audio
  • Structural (Stress)
  • GeoTechnical
  • Environmental (Vibration / Temperature / Water level / GPS)


To integrate these into a wide range of applications we have skills in

  • Software Development
  • Electronics Design
  • Optics Design
  • Machine Design
  • Data Management, Analysis and Presentation

Having all this ability in-house means that we can deliver projects more quickly with fewer integration issues. This leads to better quality.


It would be impossible to provide this vast range of expertise without our network of professional experts.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to develop great relationships with some of the best technologists in their fields.

And we are proud to say that, not only are they very good at what they do, they have values that make them easy to deal with, reliable ad trustworthy.