We are proud to say that we have worked very successfully with Duncan Anderson in New Zealand over many years, on many projects.

His mechanical design ability and, his ability to fabricate test fixtures, and other small mechanical jigs, is second to none.

We also have associations with machine shops in Melbourne who can produce items to Duncan’s drawings; so there is plenty of local support.


Drafting Packages

Drawings are produced in:

    • Solidworks
    • Autocad

with conversion to other formats provided if required.



We have enaged Duncan on a wide range of projects, some which are:

Vertical Test Jigs Bed of Nails Jig OSID jig Washing Machine
Fixtures for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies Clamps for smal electronics Mounting frames for vision systems Washing machine test jigs



Duncan in able to produce drawings and fabricate the jigs in a very fast turn-around regardless of size, shape and material.

These are shipped to Australia, or elsewhere in the world, arriving in just a few days.