sherlock-beadVision is being used more and more in manufacturing, and also in the laboratory, for inspection and analysis.

The Optical Design is a crucial part of these applications. It starts with a decent camera, is very reliant on good lighting and needs to be fitted in a proper mechanical fixture to ensure the optics do not move.



Good lighting is absolutely essential to a vision system.

The vision software is very capable but it can only do so much with a bad image.

Creating a good image, using good lighting, produces far more accurate and reliable results.






Mechanical Fixtureslasers illuminating DOEs 400x300

All the optical componenets in the system will need to be mounted on a fixture.  Often this needs to be shrouded to keep out extraneous light – which can make access to the componenets for maintenance difficult unless it is properly designed.

Often the components also need to be adjustable for different items to be inspected.  This can add quite significantly to the complexity of the fixture.

And obviously the mounting of the optics has to be rigid so that vibration and repeatability of position are not affected.


Software Platforms

We work with 3 vision development platforms:


  • National Instruments Vision Toolkit
  • Dalsa – Sherlock


  • Halcon







We are very pleased to work with ADEPT on these projects. They provide excellent cameras and a full range of optical components, and, more importantly, they provide excellent technical advice.