Quality Policy

We place paramount importance on ensuring our work is of the highest quality.

We are committed to excellence in the provision of innovative Products and Services in the fields of:

  • Product Development
  • Test and Measurement Systems;
  • In-field services


Our Objectives are to deliver on customer requirements for performance, reliability, price, on-time delivery and safety.

We believe that quality is built into everything that we do, and is not a separate process to our everyday activities. Quality comes from our people being engaged in their work and having the space, freedom, responsibility and encouragement to make improvements and changes.

To achieve this, our culture encourages respect and support, so that we all become self-regulating and unafraid to voice our ideas. In this way we have the opportunity to prove ourselves and make things better for everyone.

Our entire team takes responsibility for meeting customer expectations and the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. They all seek ways of improving our processes and procedures at every opportunity.

In summary, to achieve the highest quality, we have:

  • staff who are dedicated and competent
  • clearly defined processes;
  • resources, facilities and an efficient IT infrastucture


Extracts from previous audits: ISO9001 Audit Extracts