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Guaranteed Outcome = Lower Risk

It is quite simple … if we do not perform you do not pay us !!

It's Cheaper !!

The cost of employing staff these days is significant.  In addition to their salary (and overtime if applicable), there are the direct costs of Superannuation (9.5%) and Payroll Tax (5.2%).

Hidden costs are hard to quantify, but they are expensive …

  • Recruitment costs
  • Training and getting-up-to-speed costs
  • Insurance costs
  • Red tape associated with payroll
  • If the engineer is unavailable for any reason, health, family issues, the work does not get done
  • Lack of availability of employes, and no one to cover for them
  • Loss of experience: if they leave all their experience is lost
  • If a person needs to be made redundant there is the cost of redundancy
  • Unfair Dismissal cases are extremely expensive in cost and time
  • Long Service Leave entitlements
  • There is the management time, and anguish, associated with staff reviews
  • Employees get paid even if they are unproductive


Better Skills and Quality

It is not possible for one person to have expertise in all areas … so often employees are given jobs they are not fully experienced in simply because they are available … not because they are competent in doing it.

This can be very expensive on a number of fronts …

  • the work does not get done properly
  • Someone has to come in after them and mop up the mess, and then get on with what should have been done in the first place
  • Production is held up … with associated costs and the loss of reputation
  • And, if they implement the wrong design architecture in the beginning, costs skyrocket, quality dives


We have people with a wide range of skills and extensive experience. So we provide people with the right skill for the job. And we are flexible … we swap people to cover for others if someone becomes unavailable.

Our team have excellent self-management and planning skills. They have access to our processes and templates that are rated amongst the best in the business. And because of their diverse experience in working on a very wide range of applications, they can see the big picture and put in place an architecture at the beginning that will minimise development costs and maximise performance.

This means they …

  • optimise their time to minimise cost and speed of deployment
  • work with you to set expectations early and avoid surprises later
  • properly address validation and acceptance prosesses which are crucial to completing the job


Hire 1 get 10

These days it is impossible for one person to be an expert in all areas of engineering, it is far too complex. So behind each one of our team there is the whole of CPE who can be called on to provide the little bits of information that make all the difference.

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within CPE and our people are free to call on each other when they are working for you. In fact they are actively encouraged to do so. We do not want our people going back to basics every time there is a problem … especially when an answer lies only a phonecall away.

For design this can be especially useful for …

  • peer review, which is absolutely essential for successful outcomes
  • a second opinion on a design concept
  • access to specialist technology


We work with your people to set up systems for your use in-house, so that you can become self sufficient. You gain from our experience.

 Job gets DONE and it gets done Faster

Our team are productive from day one, no training required, thereby cutting costs and getting you in to production earlier. And because of their experience the job will get done … it will not drag on-and-on with a less-than-satisfactory outcome.

Peaks and Troughs …

Workloads vary with development and production cycles, so it is difficult to deploy staff efficiently all the time.  You can call on us …

  • for specific tasks
  • if your workload spikes for the period required


We are happy to work for 1 day or for an entire project, whatever suits you.  We can complement your people, or relieve them of some of their tasks when overloaded.

We can provide this fexability as we deploy our people on other projects

Processes and Templates

We bring with us a suite of templates and techniques that have been developed over many years. These make the job easier, get the project up and running faster and greatly reduce problems.

One area where this is especially useful is defining requirements We do not need detailed specifications to work with.  We have a lot of experience, and templates, for this process.  We prefer to sit down with your team and develop the requirements and expectations together.  This is a must easier and cheaper approach and results in a better outcome.