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gbImageWe specialise in providing end-to-end GeoTechnical solutions for:

  • Water
  • Mining
  • Rail
  • Environmental
  • Construction
  • Electricity
  • Gas

As well as designing and manufacturing instruments, we also conduct NDT surveys in the field.

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Our technology is based on the brilliant work of our partners:


We work closely with universities and scientific institutions to improve the technologies used in GeoTechnical instrumentation. And further develop the techniques used for corrosion detection.

This has led to significant work in Corrosion Detection and Cathodic Protection (CP) systems.


With our expertise in product development we are designing instruments based on the lifetime work of Dr Jim Cull. Jim was presented an AO for his work in GeoScience.

SAMSN is a monitoring system that starts with the sensors. It provides signal conditioning, delivers the data over the communications network to a central database (Cloud based or local) from where results are downloaded for analysis.

SAMSN performs sophisticated analysis to generate reports that are easy to intrepret and provide the essential information without a lot of clutter