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We like to form long lasting relationships with our clients and to do this we go the extra yard to meet everyone’s expectations.  We firmly believe that what goes around …


We are very aware that we do not know everything … so we work closely with others in the industry where we need specific technology. This is very important for our clients as it gives them access, at good rates, to a vast range of opinions, technical expertise, products and services.

We can only provide the services we do because of the strength of our partnerships. All our partners are at the top of their profession and provide the highest quality, cost effective expertise.


It is not about getting the lowest price at all costs … often the impact of low prices shows up later as poor performance and/or lack of support.

So we work closely with our suppliers and build lasting relationships with them. This allows us to quickly resolve any issues that might arise, both during development and in the field, in an efficient and friendly way.

And we find that this leads to the most cost effective solution.

Registered Supplier Status

We are a registered supplier for:

    • Technology Voucher Program (Victorian Government)
    • Innovation Voucher Program (Victorian Government)


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