Products, Systems, Services … the Complete Picture

Our services complement our product and system design by addressing the overall cycle of data measurement and reporting by using the technology that we develop in the field.

We can put together a complete package, or the parts that you need, covering in field measurements, design of sensor/instrument technology, management of the data, software to properly analyse the data, and then sensible reports that you can use.

For GeoScience it means gathering real-world data in the field using our technology to produce reports that operators can easily interpret to help them make decisions – often very significant decisions – about the condition of infrastructure.

In the medical field, it means working alongside medical personnel to help them with their interpretation of the data.

In the Field

We use our sensors and instruments in all sorts of environments, in the clinic, or in the ground, and feed that information into our systems where we store it for later use.

Our GeoTechnical services get down and dirty with our instruments in the field measuring all sorts of pieces of infrastructure for corrosion and fatigue, and often the location of items in the ground as well as the makeup of the material below us.


We provide very highly capable expertise across a very wide range of industries for analysising and reporting on the the data from the field, whether that be a laboratory, a clinic or a geoTechnical survey.

This requires highly specialised technologists and we partner with many.

This often requies us to store data and provide access to it in many locations around the world using the internet.

We require our engineers to use the equipment that they design in the real environment so that they truly understand how it is used and how well it works … or does not work. This develops a commercially-oriented perspective.

Access to Exceptional Scientific Expertise

Whether it be in medical, geoTechnical, naval, or optics we have expertise in-house as well as access to a very qualified and experienced group of colleagues that can provide you with tremendous know-how.

The main strength of CPE is that not only do we design things ourselves, we truly understand what the equipment is supposed to do as well as a deep understanding of the technology behind the application.

Because of our experience in design thses systems we have come in contact with some very wise people in all sorts of disciplines. We now offer this as a service in conjunction with collecting the data.

Partnering with our Clients On-site

We like to support our clients in the best way possible, and this often means working alongside them at their facility. This provides them with specialist expertise for particular assignments, and/or gives them additional capability when required, without the overhead of fulltime employment.

This support includes training which can be either formal or informal. By infomal we mean that we can work alongside client personnel, who, through working with our people, pick up what they need to know in their real-world application.

Equipment Life Support

We want to ensure that our products and systems continue to work through their lifecycle.

To ensure this we provide extensive In-Service-Support programs, either at our facility or on-site at the the client’s facility. This is especially important for defence. These programs are customised for each application so that the client gets reliable service with accurate reporting.

Our programs often can include support of equipment from other manufacturers.