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Brodribb_161x161Through its association with M. Brodribb and Deakin University CPE offer a wealth of expertise in Cathodic Protection technology.

M. Brodribb Pty Ltd

M. Brodribb was ounded in 1946, and now employs highly qualified electrical and electronics engineers to design, supervise manufacture, test and install sophisticated power conversion equipment for Power Commissions, Major Electrical Contractors, Local, State and National Government Authorities, Defence Departments, Railways, OEM’s and for major projects in the Mining, Primary and Extractive Industries. We have extensive design facilities, including custom written software programs and CAD.

M. Brodribb comprises two divisions: Transformers and Electronics. The Transformer division also produces all transformers, chokes and coils required by the Electronics division in-house. We are an ISO9001:2008 qualified manufacturer.


With support from the Victorian Government Broderibb and CPE are working together to develop a more advanced technique for sensing of the potential in the structure being protected.