Australian Corrosion Consultants

We are very proud to work with Australian Corrosion Consultants (ACC) in providing significant expertise in corrosion.

Bill Gerritsen started Australian Corrosion Consultants (ACC) in the ’90s after spending many years as head of corrosion investigation and surveys for Telstra.

Bill wanted ACC to specialise in providing services to public and private organisation to minimise deterioration of assets by metallic corrosion in structures, in particular to those constructed of steel and concrete.

ACC capabilities include the following:

  • Corrosion investigation of metallic pipelines and tanks using various methods
  • Corrosion investigation of concrete structures using various methods
  • Corrosion investigation of marine structures using various methods

Acc is based in Greensborough, just north of Melbourne, and with a staff of five supports organisations anywhere in Australia.


ACC Design methods to prevent or minimise deterioration due to metallic corrosion including coatings, penetrants and electrochemical corrosion prevention technologies e.g. cathodic protection, cathodic prevention and realkalisation.


Importantly, ACC manage the complete logistics associated with surveys, including:

  • Applications and management of road closures
  • OH&S paperwork


Cathodic Protection

ACC provide specialist design, supply and installation of cathodic protection systems primarily for rural water authorities in Victoria.

This includes installation of cathodic protection systems such as:

  • Anode groundbeds
  • Cathodic protection rectifiers, including specialised mains power or solar power source
  • Associated cabling, pipe connections and test station installations
  • Drafting services for installed systems
  • Commissioning of systems


    As well as maintenance of the systems:

    • Monitoring the performance of installed cathodic protection systems over their service life
    • Monitoring of aggressive chemicals moving through concrete structures to the reinforcement steel
    • Maintaining the installed cathodic protection systems for optimum operation



    Australasian Corrosion Consultants provide quality reports on all their work.

    The reports are divided into six sections including:

    • Introduction
    • Methodology used
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • Recommendations
    • Appendices