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We have developed technology for a wide range of sensors and instruments.

Data Transport

This is provided by the Internet and mobile technology these days. Even in remote loactions data can be acquired from sensors and sent to anywhere in the world using 3G or satellite communications.

Data Hosting

This can be done in the cloud … or it can be hosted in your database locally, where it is secure.

Data Analysis

The dominant form of data analysis we do utilises PARMS (Pipeline Asset Risk Management System) which is a suite of computer-based models designed to assist in asset condition management of water supply infrastructure.

These models assist water boards to enhance their operational and management strategies, allowing for a more cost-effective approach to pipeline repair and replacement.

They combine:

  • Existing asset information
  • Failure curves from past pipeline failure information
  • Identified assets for replacement
  • Assessing replacement based upon predicted number of pipeline failures
  • Calculating cost implications of different management and operational scenarios

Whilst data analysis is usually included in an overall geophysical survey it can also be offered as a separate service. Whereby CPE-Elorane commences sales and/or rental services for its geophysical instrumentation, it will retain the ability to analyse data in-house.


In addition to design we have a very strong analytical capability in mechanical stress through our alliance with Endurance Consulting in Sydney. This capability has been proven a number of times, most significantly in the measurement and analysis of the strain within the hull of ships, for both the Australian Navy and the New Zealand Navy.

Having lots of data is meaningless unless it can be turned into reports, graphs, tables etc, that are useful to the end-user.

Through a very wide and talented network of experts CPE can provide detailed analysis of data in the following disciplines:

  • Structures
  • GeoScience
  • Power

This analysis is done using tools such as:

  • MatLab
  • LabVIEW
  • structural
  • geoscience