Commercialisation Process

There are many versions of the Commercialisation Process but generally thay all follow the same principles.

At the end of the day we must have a product, and all the associated infrastructure, that provides a financial return for the people that invest their money, time and effort into it.


Many of these stages are obvious, but it is the Marketing and Supply chain tasks that can provide the biggest challenge, so this is where we work closely with our clients to ensure success.

Market Evaluation

Before we undertake any serious technical work we conduct a market analysis of new ideas to ensure that they are commercially viable. This includes:

    • There is a need for the new product
    • There is a route to market
    • Market and distribution channels have been established
    • Ensure there is funding for the entire project


Research & Development

CochlearAs a registered Research Service Provider (RSP) for AusIndustry, we conduct significant levels of Research and Development for many applications for many clients. This can range from smart sensing networks to leading edge vision imaging solutions.


Innovation Voucher Program Supplier

We are also a registered supplier with the Innovation Voucher Program which is a new initiative of the Victorian Government that supports businesses wanting to explore ways of improving their competitiveness and productivity.The Innovation Voucher Program helps companies by providing a voucher that is exchanged for access to innovation and R&D related facilities, training, goods, services, advice or expertise provided by other companies or publicly funded research organisations (e.g. universities, CSIRO and research institutes).

Design & Prototyping

This phase focuses on developing the technical solution for the application using the skills outlined on the Capabilites page. An element of this phase is the integration and verification of the design against the requirements agreed upon with the client. As part of this process, reviews and audits are conducted in the following areas :

    • System Validation
    • Code Reviews
    • Design
    • Quality


 Regulatory Compliance

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERACPE and its partners have experience in designing equipment to meet regulatory compliance requirements in:

    • Machine safety
    • Electrical safety
    • Intrinsically safe environments
    • EMC
    • CE
    • Austick
    • Defence
    • Automotive
    • Medical
    • Rail



CPE is geared to manufacture electronic and mechanical systems quantities up to 100. Above 100 the production is outsourced to subcontractors, both here in Australia and overseas. This includes:

    • Purchasing
    • Production
    • Production Testing
    • Warehousing
    • Shipment