As with sensors, our extensive experience in test and measurement allows us to produce instruments that are at the forefront of their technology.

We have worked with many people over the years developing the electronics behind their instruments, and we will will continue to this. We will expand this service by working with industrial designers, using the Commercialisation process we outlined on the “Products” page, to develop products from concept to money making.

We will also be developing our own suite of instruments in the near future.

MedicalSFM + TC 02

We worked with Outerspace Design to develop a test instrument for Cochlear.

This istruments is used by Cochlear in their sound clinic where they test their clients for the effectiveness of the implant. The project was initiated by Cochlear and we worked with Outerspace Design in Richmond to provide the electronics design.

As well as Cochlear, we have worked with a number of BioTech companies including AtCor, Nanosonics and Australian X-Ray tubes.

GeoScience / CorrosionT-BEM 5

In conjunction with Dr Jim Cull we are developing a our own range of instruments for sale into the GeoScience market. These will include hand-held instruments for use in the field, as well as fixed sensors for permanent fixture to structures feeding data back on a regular, or major event, back to a data managment system across the internet.


We have developed a product for the power market called the Power Earthing System Meter (PESM).