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Built on CPE’s wealth of expertise in test and measurement and in-field sensor networks, SAMSN offers an off-the-shelf remote data monitoring and management distributed system, that can operate in virtually any application providing real world, real-time data collection and management.


  • Sensors
  • Acquisition
  • Data Management
  • Smart
  • Notification

Applications include:

  • Environmental & Geotechnical monitoring
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Fatigue testing
  • Remote Vehicle tracking
  • Monitoring of mobile equipment in the field

It allows you to:

  • Centrally manage all data from one location
  • Configurable alarm settings and notifications
  • Track realtime geographical locations
  • Locate specific groups of sensors via vector based maps
  • Browse and graph hisrorical data to determine trends

It is a web service application built on an internet platform that is:

  • Realtime web-based data analysis
  • Smartphone and tablet ready


Data Flow

The data flow for the system is shown in the diagram below.
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