TC ASSY 01 600x400We have extensive real-world experience developing sensors for use in medical, corrosion and aviation applications.

Having delivered a huge range of projects, across a wide range of industries, we have a solid understanding of the applications where these sensors are used.

We work with some of the best technologists in their fields.


Dr Jim Cull
We are working with Dr Jim Cull to commercialise his sensor technology for measuring pipe thickness. Jim has been developing this technology for many years which is the best available anywhere in the world.


Deakin University
We are working with Deakin University to develop the interface electronics for a new tye of sensor for monitoring pipe corrossion. Deakin are at the forefront of this technology and we want to support them in commercialising the their technology.

M. Brodribb
With the support of a Tecnology Voucher from the Victorian Governement, M. Broddrib have commissioned us to work with them to develop a new algorithm for the control of Cathodic Protection equipment.

The new technology uses a new techniques for sensing the potential on the structure being protected.


We worked with a research organisation to develop the electronics for their sensor which is used to detect cracks in aircraft. These sensors are designed to be embedded in aircraft for the life of the aircraft. So they must use minimal power, yet be capable of generating significant pulses from a piezo transmitter which generates high frequency pulses in an aircraft frame.


We have done significant work in the maritime space. This includes developing electronics for networks that are connected to sensors distributed throughout a ship.

This research also involved us in working with researchers to develop eddy-current sensors for corrosion on ships.