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camera tubesWith a growing demand for machine vision in a multitude of industries, we deliver complete, customised vision solutions to vastly increase productivity and quality assurance.

Quite often, the high quality of today’s production requires systems to discern details that are too small or too fast for humans to detect. Our experience ensures that the client will receive a reliable, real-time vision system that ensures repeatable results and continuous operation.

These systems are used for inspecting vast numbers of products or components in an in-line production or laboratory environment and provides assurance that the right decisions are made based on the visual information.

Our selection of camera and lighting technologies and inspection techniques makes certain that we are working in an optimised, controlled environment. We present the system with an intuitive user interface and thorough system integration.

We have a very good relationship with Adept Turnkey, who supply cameras and vision equipment to industry, and provide excellent customer support.